3 Steps to Increase Your Gym’s Traffic and How Aquabike Can Make It Easier

Gym managers face a perennial question: How do I bring in more loyal members? It’s not easy to answer, but the most successful gyms have a few key aspects in common. Keep reading to learn their secret and how Aquabike can help you exploit it.

Step 1: Know the Prospect’s Needs

People join gyms looking to lose weight, get in shape, or socialize. Although these are often the top three motives for joining a gym, you should look more closely at your prospects’ needs.

For example, perhaps they are already in great shape but need to reduce the impact on their joints because of an injury. On the other hand, they may be older and need to work on mobility in a safe, supportive environment.

Step 2: Offer a New and Unique Way to Meet Their Needs

Showing prospects that you can help them achieve their goals will catch their interest and encourage them to buy a gym membership. First, however, they want to know why they should expect results; this is where Aquabike comes in.

Aquabike is the ideal way to improve overall health and well-being without straining the joints. The unique selling point of any gym with Aquabike is that they can offer a low-impact workout with variable intensity, meeting the needs of every level of gymgoer. In other words, it can help any prospect reach their fitness goals.

Step 3: Show Them a Welcoming Community

The loyalty and community of your current membership will lure new prospects through the doors. Aquabike lessons are enjoyable and encouraging and promote a sense of community. We train our instructors to be upbeat, charismatic, and supportive to make each person feel like they are joining a family, not just a gym.

Aquabike: Building a Home for New Members of Every Level

Among the best practices of successful gym owners are meeting member needs and creating a sense of community. Aquabike makes both much easier by catering to every fitness level. In addition, the music, choreography, and social support help every new member feel welcome and at home. Contact Aquabike now to learn more!

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