Aquabike: An Emerging Opportunity in the US Fitness Market

Aquabike: An Emerging Opportunity in the US Fitness Market

Gym owners and operators are always looking for new opportunities to bring value to their clients. Whether it’s new equipment, programs, or training systems, gyms need to follow trends or see their membership shrink. However, getting out in front of a trend can do wonders for your club. Aquabike can get you there.

Your Members Value Functional Training, Social Support, and Accessibility

Modern gym-goers are looking for low-impact, high-intensity workouts. They want strength and endurance, but without joint pain and soreness.

Yet modern workouts are about more than muscle and endurance. People are using exercise as medicine, physical and mental. Many prefer its effects on mood and how it reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and other adverse health markers.

Now that people are returning to the gym post-COVID, they have realized the part that social health and well-being play in life. Therefore, the popularity of group classes is increasing because they bring a sense of belonging, connection, and support.

Finally, people want classes that are inclusive and welcome people of all backgrounds, lifestyles, and ability levels. For example, group classes should be accessible to seniors, people with disabilities, and people at different stages of their fitness journeys.

You Can Use Aquabike to Embrace These Trends

Aquabike is no-impact. Our bikes were initially designed to assist high-performance athletes recovering from injuries. They are robust enough for high-intensity but put no stress on the joints, making them great for your seniors, obese, and injured gym-goers.

Aquabike is the perfect solution for general health and well-being without putting stress on the joints. The resistance is adjustable to help your members of all levels build strength, lose weight, and even get rid of cellulite! Furthermore, Aquabike classes are fun, supportive, and will build strong communities in your gym.

Embrace Opportunity: Introduce Aquabike to Your Gym

Within 5 years of its introduction to the market, Aquabike was in gyms and fitness clubs all over Europe. Classes are inclusive, fun, and supportive. Your high-intensity Aquabike workouts will feel like celebrations with professionally-trained, charismatic instructors and adrenaline-pumping music.

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