Post-COVID Fitness: Aquabike Brings Safety, Innovation, and Health to Multiple Generations in 2022

COVID put a damper on everyone. Generation X experienced employment upheaval while trying to raise families, and the Baby Boomers found themselves increasingly isolated. Everyone’s health suffered. As COVID recedes, people are starting to get back out and reclaim lost time. But some are still uneasy. Aquabike offers gyms a way to seize this opportunity by allaying people’s fears, filling an untapped niche, and catering to the demands of both generations.

Baby Boomers and Gen-X Are a Huge Audience, If Addressed Together

The Baby Boomer and Gen-X generations comprise 42% of the US population. They consist of over 133 million people between the ages of 41 and 75 with diverse health, fitness, and social needs. Unfortunately, gyms could not meet those needs during the COVID pandemic, and many in these populations (especially the older Boomers) are suffering from increasing health problems and social isolation.

This situation has generated an enormous pent-up demand, yet while COVID restrictions have gone, the fear has not. Aquabike is rising to meet that need. It satisfies both groups’ health and fitness aspirations while providing a safe, sanitized environment of social engagement.

The Post-COVID Atmosphere in Aquabike Classes

Aquabike facilities are experiencing full and overbooked classes every day. Gym-goers of all ages feel safe in the chlorinated pool, and the Aquabike arrangements naturally observe responsible social distancing. With peace of mind, everyone is ready to enjoy the party atmosphere of a workout fueled by our DJ “Workout Man” and energizing choreography.

Most Gyms Ignore an Untapped Niche

Why do Aquabike classes see more enthusiasm than any other group fitness program in the area? There are 2 answers. First, Aquabike fits an untapped niche in most gyms. In addition, high-impact, high-intensity workouts like CrossFit, LesMills, and cycling are ubiquitous but cater to younger audiences who don’t worry about wear and tear on joints and connective tissues.

Likewise, high-impact, low-intensity weightlifting is a part of every gym but also appeals to an audience almost entirely under 65. Finally, low-impact, low-intensity programs like Pilates, Aqua Zumba, and other water aerobics classes appeal to an older crowd, but very few outside that demographic.

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